Peter Wittenberg attended the University of Southern California and is certified as an Advanced Mediator and Arbitrator in the State of Texas (Basic and Advanced) and have additional certifications for cases involving child protective services, adult and elder care. Peter is also an instructor with MAA.  He is an Advanced Mediator, Arbitrator of America, Instructor during Aug. 2016 - present in Georgetown, Texas. He is certified as SBA, DBE, WBE, HUB, WOSB, EDWOSB, and SDB. He worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 14 years, as a Correctional Programs Officer (Deputy Chief, Office of National Policy Review) 1996 - 2005 in Washington, DC. He was Gunners Mate Second Class, US Navy for 4 years (1975 - 1979). Uss Mobile, LKA 115, Weapons Division - Security Alert Team Armory. His volunteer experience consists of the American Red Cross, May 2015 - 2018 and Disasters & Humanitarian Relief Committee. He has various Honors and Awards, some of which include, Volunteer of the Year for the American Red Cross, Texas South Central Region in Sept, 2016 and Volunteer of the Quarter as well as American Red Cross, within the Austin, Texas Chapter in Dec. 2015

Peter was Instructor of the Year (Local Award - Colorado) Federal Bureau of Prisons and Recruiter of the Year (National Award - Washington, DC Federal Bureau of Prisons. And a few of his organizations include:  Texas Mediator Trainer Roundtable, Jan 2018 - Present. The Texas Association of Mediators, Jan. 2017 - Present and the American Red Cross Volunteer, May 2015 - Present