We would like to congratulate the 2018 VanRoss Foundation Scholars! Each one has reached their first milestone in being accepted into the University of their choosing and TVF is excited to take part in this endeavor. It is truly an honor to have had the opportunity to select from a list of such outstanding high school seniors as recipients of The VanRoss Foundation, Inc. scholarship awards.


We applaud our high school seniors for taking the time to express their gratitude in receiving their scholarships. We also would like to applaud each of our donors, for all of their financial support towards our students. We know that when we work together, financially as well as prayerfully, the sky is the limit towards helping TVF meet our goals to secure future scholarships. So donors, please know that your support has been greatly appreciated. We are grateful that you have had a hand in helping to generate funds that will meet the academic needs of our high school seniors!