Through her vast work experience as an educator (academically and psycho-education/counseling), Dr. Wittenberg has had the opportunity to teach and instruct at various learning institutions (under-graduate and graduate), for all levels of government (federal, state, and local), and for private organizations (large and small). Dr.

Wittenberg, with over her 35 years of work experience, has always, regardless of her position, been involved with teaching and counseling in some capacity. Dr. Wittenberg holds a Doctorate in Public Administration from the School of Planning and Policy Development, University of Southern California; an M.P.A. in Public Administration from the University of Southern California; a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University; an M.A. in Sociology, Criminology from Kent State University; and a B.A. in Political Science from Kent State University. She is trained and certified by the International Critical Incident Foundation in Group and Individual Critical Incident Stress Management. She is a credentialed distinguished mediator, advanced family mediator, arbitrator, Licensed Professional Counselor, and National Certified Counselor. Dr. Wittenberg is a volunteer with the American Red Cross and has received training in Shelter Fundamentals, Disaster Assessment, Client Assistance Services, Disaster Mental Health, and is a member of their Disaster Action Team. In addition, Dr. Wittenberg serves on the Tarleton State University Foundation Board; the VanRoss Foundation; and, is a Co-convener for the Texas Mediators Trainer Roundtable.